Day 2 PW&WCBA – Susan Cramm – The Future of IT Isn’t What It Used to Be

Susan Cramm speaking on The Future of IT Isn’t What It Used to Be

“There are challenges of the new normal.”

“We don’t know who your competitors are. We have a dramatic need for innovation.”

“Too little, too late, too much.”

Questions to consider: “How do we?”

  • Realize value – How do we increase the value from our IT-enabled investments?
  • Running efficiently – How do we reduce our lights on costs to increase innovation capacity and appropriately manage risks?
  • Securing the future – How do we ensure coherent architectures to enable horizontal integration and promote flexibility and agility?
  • Serving the business – How do we improve the success of our IT-enabled projects and change initiative?

“Fewer than 25% of the employees currently within IT will remain… internal roles will shift from being technology providers to technology brokers… roles remaining in the IT function will organize around build and run.” – Corporate Executive Board 2010

“Only 10% of our organizations are IT-smart.”

Most organizations have an ineffective project prioritization process:

  • Aligned?
  • Valuable?
  • Top Priority?
  • Capable?
  • Affordable?
  • Committed?

“In regards to innovation capacity need to prune out all the stupid projects.”

“Money is the root of all evil, and time is the enemy of all projects.” – Standish

“If we have an unrelenting focus on standardization, reuse, and automation, we can reduce spending by 50%.”

“CIOs estimate that 20-25% of IT’s activities can and should be done by the other parts of the business.”

“In the new normal, the mind-set for success will emphasize a bottom-up search for value through experimentation with customers and partners.” – McKinsey Quarterly

“The only real help is self-help. Anything else is just designed to get you to the point where you can help yourself” – Seth Godin

In summary, Susan Cramm brings us back to the focus: To invest in IT-smarts. The many statistics she gave us reminded the audience that we are not IT-smart right now. But we need to be. It’s time to invest in our IT department in terms of innovation and not just keeping the lights on. But not only that, our business people need to get more IT-savvy.

Why Agile Scout likes Susan Cramm’s talk:

  • Technologists think like this:
  • We think we can predict the future
  • Technologists are optimists
  • Business leaders don’t believe that future phases will be funded
  • It’s difficult to plan and design and “chunking it up” feels longer
  • Emphasize technology change vs. people and process change
  • Consultants/vendors like the “big bang”

Check out her slides below: NOW UPDATED!

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