Daily Scrum Standup Meetings

Is this true? Are your teams more productive because you have standups? I’ve found that some teams really dislike the daily standup because:

  1. They already communicate very well
  2. They collaborate and escalate issues immediately to the ScrumMaster
  3. They receive all their needed guidance from a Product Owner whenever they want
  4. They don’t need to write on stickies on a wallboard
  5. They don’t feel the need to use a burndown chart

So, what are your thoughts? Still worth having? Or are these teams missing something?

5 Replies to “Daily Scrum Standup Meetings”

  1. Whenever I encounterfolks who want to abandon an Agile value, principle and practice, I first want to know how they achieve the same results that the Standup is intended to produce and what thatmeans in terms of meeting delivery commitments, being truly “done,” constantly improving, etc.

  2. I have standups with my team twice a week. Communication is already frequent and effective throughout the day. I trust that we are accomplishing our goals and on track unless I hear otherwise. Anything more frequent will bring less value in our case.

    If you feel the same way, I recommend having your first standup on Monday to get the momentum going after the weekend and another on Thursday.

  3. The stand-up is a habit which provides regular feedback to the entire team. If you are disciplined, it takes 10 min. If this is seen as a burden, I wonder if there is any team spirit. While people may already communicate well (in terms of skill), it is extremely presumptuous that each individual thinks they know to whom, and how to communicate at any given time. Another thing the stand-up does is bring about a sense of joint responsibility. It is also easier to meet (or bathe) everyday than on alternate days.
    If this is taking too much time, try: http://ceezone.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/what-is-the-one-legged-stand-up-for/

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