Daily Scrum Call to Standup – Use Music to Get People Together?

Jason Yip has a great idea that I absolutely loved when I read about it: Gathering your team to the daily standup using a song. They wanted the team to be punctual, but didn’t want to be overtly obnoxious about it.

Jason suggests using songs like: Get Up, Stand Up – Bob Marley. But a quick search on Youtube.com with the words: “Stand Up” We found the perfect song for teams in Atlanta, paying homage to Ludacris, an ATL-lien and rapper de jure.

*BTW – Yes, this is satire and potential NSFW (for language).

[HT: Jason Yip]
[IMG: DHKong]

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  1. We’ve used music for quite a while to get people out of their seats for stand up. 80s sports montage songs seem the best and fit well with the “sprint” theme. “Eye of the Tiger” is the team’s favourite, but “Final Countdown” is appreciated toward the end of a sprint.

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