Compliance – Development Teams are Product-Oriented

“Compliance, as it turns out, is not quite as high a barrier to Agile as we thought. The second surprise has to do with the approach teams have developed to getting over or around that wall.” – Tom Grant

Many of the app dev teams that have been most successful at dealing with compliance are, as it turns out, acolytes of the product-oriented approach, asserts Tom Grant. They may not realize it, as their work output may not be any more productized than it was before. Instead, compliance is what turns into a product.

In hindsight, this approach makes perfect sense.

Products need anchor points in time, which compliance certainly imposes. Audits and regulatory submissions impose a deadline for a particular “release,” the package of documentation, aggressive risk management, accountability, and other requirements needed to get a stamp of approval. The definition of “done” is very clear in a way that a backlog of user stories might not always suggest.

Either You Are Compliant, Or You Are Not…

You try to negotiate with the stakeholders to help them understand that you may be satisfying their requirements, just not in the exact way they expected. The one difference, of course, is that you can’t cut anything from the release: Either you’re compliant, or you’re not.

So, what do you think?

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  1. I agree. Nothing can succeed unless the entire team complies to the SAME standards, whatever they may be collectively and as a whole. Then and only then can the REAL creativity can start.

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