Code Inspections – Review Code with Two Developers

Paired programming is an Extreme Programming fundamental started by Kent Beck back in the 90’s. Needless to say, it’s one of those ideas that is a hard sell to anyone in the business. I mean, let’s face it. How do you sell two individuals seemingly working on the same computer at the same time to management?

In my own experience, I’ve found that pair programming really works and have seen teams that rock out quality code on time and with minimal need for -refactoring or QA oversight. As a developer myself, it would be great to continually learn from another experienced developer all the time, and swap between other developers on a team to learn even more. What a win-win.

Well, you may not be able to institute a paired programming environment, but, you may just be able to win over some individuals with Pair Inspections.

The guys over at Visible Thread have come up with a fantastic idea that I absolutely loved once I read it.

Pair Inspections are:

A review of documents actively & informally as part of the authoring & document production cycle.

Why is this a great thing?

  • You can frequently inspect requirements or documents with more than one pair of eyes.
  • You can involve more than just developers: Try BA with Test Lead, BA with a PM, BA with Dev.
  • You can set re-curing meetings as part of an Agile process – Make sure to be serious about it with solid commitments from team members.
  • You can use these pair inspections as part of a rapport-building exercise and communication exercise with your stakeholders. Get the conversation going!

We like this idea. Take a stab at it. Review those non-Agile documents with fresh eyes.

[HT: Visible Thread]

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  1. I fully agree, we was developed a divers and redundant system for automatic train control. It had three coding lines, which never worked together. All right in theory but almost impossible to do for any commercial project. I like your joint inspection proposal much better. We have the problems of meeting the requirements of CENELEC EN 50128

      1. I thought you may be interested in reviewing this paper on the pros and cons of different kinds of peer review, including pair programming.

        If that was interesting to you, try watching the video: Is Pair Programming Like Junior High Sex?

        Thought I was kidding, didn’t ya?


        1. Ha! That’s great! Sometimes teams like to prop themselves up and say they’re doing ___ and ___. We talk a good game right? But who’s actually DO-ing it? Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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