The Challenge of Going First

taking-riskLeadership isn’t about being the smartest person in the room and it’s definitely not about being the most talented either – it’s oftentimes being the person who has decided, for whatever reason, to go first.

And leadership doesn’t have be based on role or position within the pecking order either – you know of someone who doesn’t have the “manager’s” cap but for sure leads the team every single day. Leadership is about taking the initiative, willing to be the first one off the starting block, in the line of fire perhaps, and is an incredible gift since every person after that have been freed of the the incredible burden and responsibility.

This is how most new ideas are introduced to teams and organizations, especially in changing work environment where the boundaries between authority, leadership, and the management layers are slowly being stripped away and being replaced by “linchpins” (a’la Seth Godin).

Our challenge to many people who we first introduce the A&I Process to is not whether or not they can see the value or even understand the assessment results – that’s the easy part. The challenge is whether they not only capture the vision of a new reality where their teams are operationally effective but whether they have the resolve and courage to speak up and share it with those that need to know.

That’s why I love what we do at Action & Influence – it’s not about us connecting with the “right” people or the people that have the so-called “buying” and “purchasing power” – it’s about connecting with leaders and those that exhibit the uncommon attribute and desire to simply go first, to be the first person to raise their hand (and their voice) and tell their team and organization that they can do better.

And the teams that we work with are worth it.

We challenge you to be the first person to the party – there’s no need to be stylishly late or attempt a dramatic entrance long after the party’s started. Your company and your team aren’t the well-oiled machine that it was suppose to be, that it can be. We’re here to help you go first – heck, we built this organization for you.

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