Certified Agile Tester – New Certification

A new Agile Certification software testing training course, Certified Agile Tester (CAT), has been launched worldwide by iSQI. The training course is supposed to help “software tester’s gain an understanding of their role within an Agile project and teaches them how to apply existing testing skills and new techniques to any Agile project.”

“Agile testing is now a mainstream discipline that in many companies is the preferred approach to systems development for their business critical projects. Certification training courses bring structure and a common language for their software testing to play a key part in an Agile project. The training course is designed to enable students to positively contribute as an Agile team member and help them to appreciate the challenges and difficulties associated with the non-testing activities performed in an Agile testing team, as well as being able to differentiate between the testing role in Agile projects compared with the role of software testers in non-Agile projects.”

Ok. Cool. Another certification. I like the devil eyes on the homepage. I searched through the site to find out why they chose RED EYES for the top image… but couldn’t find one. What do you think it means?

All I know, if you want to be a good QA Tester, you may want to learn how to code first.

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