University of Agile Launched – New Certification – Certified Agile Blogger

Agile Blogger Certification - University of Agile
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University of Agile – Certified Agile Blogger is announcing their new premier certification program from the University of Agile.

Atlanta, GA – April 1, 2012 – AGILESCOUT Inc. [NYSE: AGILE] announces their new certification through the University of Agile, established through accredited university partners Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Demand Is Growing for Certified Agile Bloggers
Many project professionals are seeing the demand for Agile bloggers to talk more and blog more about Agile related stuff. Thus we are eager to announce that you can now become a Certified Agile Blogger.

Organizations Are Embracing Agile 

Like a shotgun approach, organizations who use Agile techniques in managing projects have documented the value they see from its practice:

  • The more pontification of Scrum VS Kanban, the better.
  • Increased Agile dogmatists and Scrum purists have made Agile superior to any other method of doing business. 

Who Should Pursue the Agile Blogger Certification?
Practitioners who have a brain (1) and write about Agile practices (2), or whose organizations are in need of the best certified candidates out there (3), are good candidates for the University of Agile Agile Blogger Certification. By earning the Agile Blogger Certification, practitioners can:

  • Demonstrate to employers their level of professionalism in talking about Agile is solid.
  • Show they have the capacity to lead advanced Agile project teams by holding a certification that is more credible than any other existing certification ever conceived by man.

Key Dates for the Agile Blogger Certification Launch

  • April 2012 – Certification Launched!
  • May 2012 – will release the .PSD file so you can download, edit, and put your name in the certification and post it up on your blog. Boom. You’re done! You’re credentialed!

For more information on how you can become an Agile Certified Blogger, please contact Charlie Sheen at

11 Replies to “University of Agile Launched – New Certification – Certified Agile Blogger”

  1. Fantastic! Finally an Agile Certification that makes sense and has credibility.

    I have already printed a copy and changed the name. I found editing the file too tricky so I wrote over it. I am happy to say it was enough to win me lots of new work selling other people’s stuff as my own.

    One concern is that you claim this is the best certification concieved by man. Apart from the necessary updates on the definition of man ( any colour, race, creed and gender in anticipated amendments), I am concerned that some of the other certificates are not handed out by humans. We may see an escalation by a Universe-ity for these “off the planet” sorts.

    Good luck with this winning endeavour.

    Chris Matts

    Agile Blogger (Certified in Biro)

  2. I know this post is 4 years old now, but am hoping that the certification is still available as I want to get into Agile Blogging and realise that having this certification has now become the defacto standard entry criteria to be allowed on the web. I am concerned that as there are so many Agile Bloggers out there now you may have closed registration to prevent over saturation of the market.

    Please tell me this is not so 🙂

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