Retrospective 35 – Scrum Master Interview and Games


Retrospective 34 – Product Ownership and Uber ScrumMasters

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Retrospective 33 – #Scrum Meetings and The #Agile Cartel

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  • Retrospective 32 – #RallyOn11 and #PMI Courses

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    Retrospective 31 – #Agile #Jobs and some #Tips

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    Retrospective 30 – #Agile, #Scrum, and #CSM Fun

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    Retrospective 29 – Tiger Blood and Agile Chicken Guns

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    Week Retrospective 28 – Lazy Scrum, Wallboards, Coach Camp

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    Week Retrospective 27 – Podcast and Perfect Workshop Crafting

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    Week Retrospective 26 – Product Owner Essentials and AOL

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    Week Retrospective 25 – Scrum Backlog Tips and 3 Types of Scrum

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    Week Retrospective 24 – The Perfect ScrumMaster and User Stories

    Week Retrospective 23 – Agile Hippies and The Death of the Iteration


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    Week Retrospective 22 – Writing Better User Stories




    Week Retrospective 21 – PMI Certification and Pecha-Kuchas

    Week Retrospective 20 – Selling Agile, Scrum Pocket Guide Winners, and #StartupRiot

    Week Retrospective 19 – Personal Kanban and

    Week Retrospective 18 – LIVE, Technical Stories, and a Dying Scrum

    Want a chance to win a free copy of the Scrum Pocket Guide? Hit up this link!

    Week Retrospective 17 – Agile Sucks, Giveaway, and Denouncing Your CSM

    Posts this week:

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    Week Retrospective 16 – Test-Driven Development and Agile Misunderstanding

    Blog posts this week:

    Metrics this week:

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    Week Retrospective 15 – Ty Pennington and the Agile Methodology Hater

    This week has been a good one. We launched Agile Scout LIVE and held our very first LIVE interview. A total of 19 people showed up for the webcast simultaneously. That isn’t that bad considering we just launched and dropped a Twitter and RSS note  just hours before the actual event.

    The first live interview went very well, aside from a couple of A/V issues in the beginning. No worries!

    Our survey that we put out on when the best time to have LIVE interviews tells us that many people would like to see it Saturday. Interesting. Very interesting.

    Make sure you take the survey here. We’ll want to be pretty consistant with our LIVE sessions, so even though there is no ‘best’ time, we’ll have to pick something.

    In other news: This week in traffic we found that somebody out there has been searching for “Agile methodology hater” and came to our site 10 times.

    Interesting huh? Sounds like a blog post to us!

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    Week Retrospective 14 – A Couple Good [Agile Guides], [Tool Review], and Warcraft

    You may have noticed that we’re not pushing out as much content as we usually have. Last year, we pushed out about 3.5 articles a day. So far these past couple weeks it’s been about 1.5 articles a day. So what’s up with that?

    Well, even though there is a lot of Agile news out there that we’d like to cover, we’re still trying to also manage the building of our own stuff to improve Agile Scout news site.

    And, it’s paying off. Big time. Coding done, database work done, UI/UX work done, integrations done, and much more. We’re finally ready to release something (that we think) is not only awesome, but will provide a ton to the Agile community.

    Get ready for Monday. Stay tuned. Seriously. You won’t want to miss it.

    Blog posts this week:

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    Week Retrospective 13 – The End of 2010 – Popular Posts

    It’s now 2011. Welcome to another fantastic year. ‘Nuff said.

    Blog posts this week:

    [Tool Review] – Wridea – A tool to help you manage your thoughts!

    Sustaining Agility – 3 Points to remember to keep progress moving forward.

    TOP COMMENTED POSTS OF 2010 – Check out the most popular posts of 2010.

    [Tool Review] – Prfessor – Create your own university!

    [Agile Guide] – Story Mapping for Scrum

    Scrum Teams and a ScrumMaster – If you’re a ScrumMaster, go beyond the call of duty.

    Wirify – UX/UI tool – Turn your website into a wireframe.

    [Agile Guide] – Agile Retrospectives – Rotate the roles in your retrospective.

    Metrics for the week:

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    Top Commented Posts of 2010

    2010 has been a fantastic year. We’ve grown massively and have completed a lot of our 2010 goals. So what’s next?
    2011 – We’re going to be launching some really cool initiatives and there are some very interesting partnerships brewing that will position us to better serve the Agile community in the months and years to come. Get excited. We certainly are.
    A couple of hints:
    • Think “LIVE”
    • Think “Continuing Education”
    • Think “Maps”

    Yep. All these are brewing. Stewing. Boiling. Here’s to a great 2011!!!

    Top Commented Posts of 2010

    Week Retrospective 12 – Obama & Agile, Pivotal Tracker Tool Review

    This week has been a slower week than usual. Lots of wrapping up to do for the year and taking a week off next week (not from blogging).

    The mini Christmas tree is set, a couple of stockings are ready to go, and all the holiday cards have been sent out to friends, relatives, and those that really deserve coal… JK.

    We came upon a couple of technical issues this week, mainly: has been a complete #fail. While we could host documents on our own servers quite fine, we do like the GUI and the presentation layer that these 3rd party apps avail their users. We recently migrated all our stuff over to and have been happy thus far. We’ll see how it continues to roll in the months to come.

    Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

    Blog posts this week:

    [Tool Review] – Binfire – Task Management – We took a look at this tool. Not too shabby.

    Agile is Relationship Management – Don’t sever that relationship with your client. Communicate.

    [Tool Review] – Pivotal Tracker – Awesome tool. Even added bonus documents with this review. Get your Tracker on.

    Barack Obama told the Government to do Agile software development – Yup.

    Kanban and Santa – A Christmas story.

    [Agile Guide] – Writing good user stories – 3 great resources for writing better user stories. Read up.

    Kaizen on for your life – Continually improve your live.

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    Week Retrospective 11 – Kanban for Noobs and a Guest Post by Andrew Phillips from XebiaLabs

    This week has been a fun one. From talking about Kanban for new Agile teams (n00bs) to learning that we can be a certified Scrum Trainer by signing up on craigslist, this week has been one of learning new stuff!

    We wrote our two most boring posts ever, on Agile and the government as well as hanging out with William Shatner and the legal environment utilizing Agile.

    With a wintery-wonderland happening in Atlanta, this past week has been a good one to hunker down and really focus on pushing out some great content. We’re looking forward to what the next year will bring!

    Blog posts this week:

    A Failed Agile Program – Lessons learned from a real life example of how one organization transitioned from Agile… and then back again.

    5th Annual State of Agile Survey – From Version One. Make sure to check out the latest stats thanks to Version One.

    Kanban is for n00bsCheck out the reasons why Kanban is good for beginning Agile teams or teams that are looking to do some Agile work.

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    Week Retrospective 10 – ScrumMasters aren’t PM’s, Agile Lifestyle, and December Giveaway!

    This week hasn’t been too crazy, like the previous weeks. We’ve kept things in line, continuing to push valuable content daily.

    A couple of things to remember:

    December Giveaway is closing this weekend!

    Aldon Agile Manager Tool has been released this month. It’s free and it’s awesome. Make sure to drop by our premier review of it!

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    Week in Review 9 – Duplicate Content and Other Stuff

    These past couple of weeks have been a doozy. We’ve been churning out content like a well oiled machine. Lots to do, even more to read. I was sitting in my favorite work chair this past week (Starbucks) and wondering to myself how much content I read on a weekly basis. In order to cover as much Agile news as we can, we have to read a ton. Thank goodness for google reader. That baby lights up with 100’s of great articles every week (Just in the Agile space!). Follow technology? Ha. Talk about 1000’s per week.

    If you love weekend reading. Well you’ve found a place for it. Below is a list of posts for the week. Get your full.

    If you’ve made it this far in the Week in Review then good for you. Because we have a contest starting Monday 12/6/10. Get signed up early by subscribing to our newsletter here: because that’s the only way you can win. You’ll want to enter this one, we’re giving away 3 pieces of swag!

    So, what else is new?

    A co-worker and friend of mine always asks me this question. Well, we can give you a hint. We’re rolling out something big within the next month or so. Hoping for January release. It’s going to be huge. We’re really excited. So far our 1-month Agile release schedule is working out great. Push the product, make the release. Iterate and iterate some more later.

    Blog posts this week:

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    Week in Review 7 – Thoughts on “Agile”

    This week has been an interesting week, with lots of feedback on a couple of posts:

    Growth has been steady and sure. Our traffic is only increasing and our ‘reach’ is growing tremendously. We are very happy about this.

    We’re currently setting up more conferences that we may be the live-blogger for. Always excited about these!

    Metrics for the week:

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    Week in Review 6 – PW&WCBA Conference Wrap Up

    This past week has been crazy-busy. The Agile Scout’s were on the scene with the ProjectWorld & World Congress of Business Analysts down in Orlando, FL.

    Find a full list of all talks Agile Scout covered:

    Check the link above for a full-weekend worth of reading. Make sure you check out some of the very cool interviews we did with some of the outstanding speakers.

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