Install SAFe


This is pretty much been true about many scaled approaches to software. It seems like it’s either/or. But there are many ways to approach scaling that do not require heavy process control installations like SAFe.

While heavy marketing of scaled frameworks has become the norm, I’m still a firm believer that custom coaching and consulting to the specific unique culture that your company has is, and will always be, the answer.

Don’t blow up your organization with an out-of-the-box solution. #nobluescreenofdeath

Bob Galen & Richard Khor – Agile Journey from the Trenches

I loved listening to Richard Khor talk about his agile journey… especially when he gave props to Peter Saddington about being an awesome coach who has helped him! 🙂

“I had a really good coach, Peter Saddington. He got me all the things that I needed. In those two days I learned a lot from him. He prepped me for the real world.”

Ok… very much self serving… but it brought joy to my heart that I was a part of someone’s agile journey!

Keep hope alive!