UNBOXING – VUZE VR 3D 360 Camera!

The day I saw this released, I picked it up. Can’t wait to show you guys how I’m going to integrate this into my gaming channel!!!

***UPDATE*** The system that VUZE sent me came DEAD ON ARRIVAL. So… I had to wait another week for them to send me another one. It seems like I’m not the only one to have this issue… it is a new technology. Such is the price of early adopting! Oh… and they sent me a replacement camera that’s… Black color. Sigh.

First impressions of the VUZE 360 VR Camera:

  • Not so hot. The sound quality is bad
  • Screen tearing or “stitching” isn’t great, you can clearly see sections that aren’t contiguous
  • Lack of intuitive controls in the software to make the video better

This being a new technology there is a price of being an early adopter. I have since unboxing my second VUZE camera, have recorded about 20 videos in various forms trying to test out variables… most all of the tests were pretty bad.

Running the videos through Adobe Premiere Pro CC availed little as well. Post processing them in Premiere just made things harder, so I had to stick with the included software.

I know in due time the technology will get better. I’m going to keep this VUZE 360 VR camera for now… until I upgrade to something better.

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