Agile Games 2012 – Peter Saddington talks with Brian Bozzuto

Peter Saddington & Brian Bozzuto – Agile Games 2012 from Agile Scout on Vimeo.

The conference is being held Apr 19-21 in Cambridge, MA at the Microsoft New England Research Division (they abbreviate it NERD). 🙂
People can learn more by going to the event website:
  • We have “Super Early Bird” tickets for sale right now until January 27th, this is the absolute lowest price for the conference and we don’t want people to miss out
  • We have an open “call for games” until the end of this month and are welcoming submissions.
3 videos available out there all about Agile Games 2012 – Drop on it!
Intro Video:

Luke Hohmann on Innovation Games

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Lloyd Smith on Strategic Play

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Behind LeanKitKanban – Jon Terry

I’ve been working connected to Jon Terry [Twitter: @leankitjon] for a good while now, and have really enjoyed what he brings to the Agile/Kanban community. I recently met up with him at AgileDC in which I was thoroughly impressed with not only who he is, but how he promotes and supports others. Truly a standup guy.

I caught up with him and asked him a few questions around himself, more on startups, and just a small bit on the really cool kanban tool that his team has built. The interview is very enlightening, and I would highly suggest grabbing some of the golden nuggets of wisdom that Jon has to share.

Tell us about yourself, background, etc.

My dad was in the Army so we moved around a lot, mostly in the US but also Germany. I went into the Army myself for a little while after high school. When I was done and went to college, my degrees were decidedly non-technical or business – the history of US foreign policy and print journalism. I think I had aspirations to be the next Tom Friedman.

I worked in journalism for several years, both in college and after. I started working when newspapers were first experimenting with this new-fangled Internet thingy. None of the more experienced editors wanted to be involved, especially because working on the Web edition meant you were on the late, late shift until 4 in the morning. But I thought it was pretty interesting and I could already see that electronic distribution was eventually going to hurt print publications.

I remember telling a group at a student journalism conference that they ought to look for other work because the Internet was going to ruin their careers. Sadly I was right.

In the meantime, though, I had moved on to a sales/marketing job at an Internet start-up called We built websites for hospitals. We weren’t “really” a start-up because we were funded by the giant hospital company HCA, but there was still a lot of that start-up energy and enthusiasm. It was a lot of fun for about a year and then the bubble burst – at which point having a corporate backer turned out to be very useful.  I ended up spending about eleven years with HCA as a business analyst and project manager in their supply chain line of business – where I met my LeanKit partners Chris Hefley, Stephen Franklin, Daniel Norton, Kelly Baker, and JR Allen.

In my final role at HCA as director of project management, I helped start the Lean/Agile transformation of HCA’s IT organization. It’s a huge group, 4,000+ people across the US and India, so the change is still in process. But it’s been very successful – truly getting into Agile at scale. I first met Sanjiv Augustine from Lithespeed and Mary Poppendieck during this time. I was more of a “pure” Scrum guy back then, but both of them got me thinking more broadly about Agile and Lean.

What got you into the startup scene?

Honestly, I was pulled into it by my partners. Most of them left HCA before I did, but we met regularly for lunch and kept saying we ought to start a company.  I wasn’t quite ready to leave HCA. I was also getting my MBA at the time so I was pretty busy. But Chris, Stephen and Dan went ahead and founded LeanKit in 2009 and almost immediately made me a board member. They helped me see that, even though I had a great job at HCA, making the move to a start-up was going to help me grow as a person. My work with the company gradually increased until I started full-time earlier this year.

Making the jump into startups, what would you suggest for new startup folk before they take the plunge?

First, understand the job.

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The Challenges of Adopting Agile – Q&A Panel with Peter Saddington


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I’ll be part of a Q&A panel discussing the Challenges of Adopting Agile with Telerik on September 29th 12-2PM!

Reserve your seat if you’re interested or have some tough questions!

We’ve written more about companies adopting Agile:

Agile Is… Excerpts from RallyON 2011

[Link to video here]

RallyON 2011 was a fun conference for sure. Read about my experiences here.

“For me RallyON was one of those – you know what, I am living my dream – moments in life. My favorite town (Boulder) was filled with 150 of our largest and best customers along with 85 expert agile practitioners from our coaching, product and technical account management teams. It was a swarm of agile expertise all gathered to share with each other for the sole purpose of getting smarter and building community. And you know what? It turned out great!” – Ryan Martens, CTO/Founder of Rally Software

Looking forward to the next one!

Oh, and you may be wondering why I’ve put up such a dumb-looking self-deprecating photo of myself. It’s because I’m fun. 🙂

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10 Key Characteristics of a Great Product Owner – Webinar

10 Key Attributes of a Great Product Owner

[Speaker]: Peter Saddington

Based off of Peter Saddington’s post on Top 10 Essential Product Owner Characteristics

[Host]: ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts

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[Free Webinar] – Top 10 Characteristics of a Product Owner with Peter Saddington


Sign up [here] if you’d like to join Peter Saddington in a free webinar hosted by ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts. The webinar will be on Thursday, May 19th at 2:00PM EST.

Peter will be talking about the 10 Key Characteristics for a Great Agile Product Owner as well as execution steps to take as a Product Owner to help make your team more effective.