Because They Were Project Managers

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The Road That Dashrath Built

Dashrath Manjhi, was an outcast. He was a simple laborer in India. His wife, Phaguni, died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest doctor was 44 miles away from his village. He did not want anyone else too suffer the same fate, so he carved through rock that was 120 yards long, 25 feet deep in places and 30 feet wide to form a road through the mountain. He said, β€œI started this work out of love for my wife, but continued it for my people. If I did not, no one would.” He worked every day and night for 22 years to do this, and reduced the distance between the Atri and Wazirganj areas of the Gaya district from 46.6 miles to 0.6 miles. He rarely slept. He was given national acclaim for this miraculous accomplishment. On August 17, 2007, Dashrath Manjhi, the amazing, dedicated, selfless, determined, and patient man, who had tamedΒ a mountain, lost his battle with cancer.


OMG. So much LOL.

The Diamond “Status Flight” for Delta – A Small Tale

Boeing A330

This very nice A330 plane is where I spent just under 20 hours…

Flying can be complicated. Flying can be stressful. But, for the seasoned traveler, you understand where the best places to fly into are, where the food is, and where all the Delta Sky Lounges are…

Sometimes though, to keep your elite status, you have to fly a “Status Flight” so you can just get the miles so you can reap the rewards the next year.

I’ve met with many ‘up-in-the-air’ type of people who have had amazing stories to tell around their “Status Flight.”

This year, mine was Hawaii. I’m 8000-9000 miles short of the required 135,000 in-the-seat miles to keep my coveted Diamond Medallion status (Plus Delta Reserve Amex+) πŸ™‚

My cool pod!
My cool pod!

Business class pod-style seating was just the ticket. I get a cool little toiletry pouch with everything you need:

  • Lotion
  • Tooth brush & tooth paste
  • Eye covering (forget what it’s called… so it allows you to sleep)
  • Comb
  • Lip balm
  • Pen (for Hawaii’s agricultural survey)
  • SOCKS! I love the tube socks they give, so I can take of my shoes πŸ™‚
  • Too bad you can’t keep the nice headphones…

The flight wasn’t bad at all. Leaving around 10:50AM on Monday, and arriving on … MONDAY at 4PM.

Nice view coming in!
Nice view coming in!


Yes. I spent a total of 50 minutes on the ground in Hawaii. This is truly pro. As it allowed me to take a picture of the … mountains:

Nice view... for just a second.
Nice view… for just a second.

The 50 minutes gave me just enough time to grab some COFFEE!:

Oh yeh. KONA COFFEE! … at $40/per bag…

After brushing my teeth for the 3rd time already, washing my face, and changing into a new shirt, I got back through security to board the EXACT same plane I just arrived on… I called the CEO, and let her know I’m heading back!

Calling the Captain
Calling the Captain!

I arrived at 7AM on Tuesday on a red-eye.

Even though I’m drained, I felt SUPER accomplished! Here’s the deets:

  • Spend $2000 for a flight (to get the miles because my upgrade tickets Delta gives me are shit…)
  • Get easily over $20K in status updates next year – WORTH IT
  • Get back on TUESDAY MORNING

That’s pro my friends. πŸ™‚