Agile Testing Days 2013 – Pure Joy @agiletd

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It is 110% complete joy that I’m filled with whenever I come to Berlin to speak at this conference. I spoke in Berlin at Agile Dev Practices earlier this year and it was an honor to come back.

What is so unique about this conference is that in many regards it’s like returning to a family. Great people. Wonderful conversation. Unique venue. Awesome talks.

I’m already looking forward to seeing many of these people again… and we’re not even done yet!

What agile brings is a great culture of people. A community. If, for no other reason, the value of Agile is it’s vast community of caring people. What else matters?

Dallas Scrum Meetup – October 9 – Come for Free Loot (and some fun)!

team-science-company-exampleThe Science Behind High-Performance Teams

  • 6:30 PM

  • Active Network

    6363 N State Highway 161
    4th Floor (Conference Center)
    Irving, TX (map)

The scientific evidence is quite clear: To enable high-performance, you have to look at leveraging human capital and optimizing human potential. Let’s take a deeper look at the science behind creating high-performing teams by looking into behavioral science, neuroscience, and social psychology.

  • *What is a High-Performance Team?
  • *Self-Organization – Not what you think …
  • *Behavioral Science
  • *Neuro Science
  • *Social Psychology
  • PETER SADDINGTON owns a successful research and analytics consultancy and has been integral in multi-million dollar Agile Transformation projects with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, T-Mobile, Capital One, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Primedia, and Cbeyond. He is a sought-after speaker at many industry events and is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). He has also received three master’s degrees, one of which is in counseling, and provides life-coaching services in addition to his consultancy.
  • Peter loves giving away free stuff. He will be giving away:
  • – Copies of his book The Agile Pocket Guide –
  • – Apple Gift Cards!
  • You can find Peter Saddington in Dallas every other month doing public courses in Dallas. His next courses are October 10/11 and December 5/6 –

Peter Saddington Session on the Science Behind High Performance Teams #agile2013

Dear Peter,

Thank you for being a part of Agile2013. Following is some information about your session.

  • Number of attendees at the beginning of your session: # 170
  • Number of attendees at the end of your session: # 170

We asked attendees to indicate whether they would recommend your session to their peers:

  • Yes (Green): # 120
  • Maybe (Yellow): # 3  ***CANT PLEASE EVERYONE*** 🙂
  • No (Red): # 0


Agile Alliance Team

Had a great time! Thanks Agile Alliance!

Below is the scribd version:

Action & Influence – The Science of High Performance Teams Teams Agile2013 Peter Saddington FINAL

Double Presentation at Agile2013? Sweet!

agile-2013-nashville-peter-saddingtonAn email I received from Agile2013:
As you probably know we are trying an experiment at Agile2013 this year. A new track, “Crowdsourced”, will be built in real time by the attendees at the conference. The format is simple: attendees go to the submission system at where they will see a list of sessions available for voting; attendees can then vote for the sessions they would like to see by placing a star next to any sessions that they are interested in. The voting runs until Wednesday, and the 15 sessions with the most votes will be announced and scheduled for a Friday morning time slot.
Based on early feedback from the Agile2013 website, your sessions are very popular and people have been wait listed. In order to give attendees the most access to the content they wish to see, we would like to add your sessions to the Crowdsourced track and make it available for voting. This would give attendees a potential second opportunity to make it to your session. If your session is voted on, you would be scheduled into a room for9:00 AM Friday morning.
Sweet! Come and see me on Monday… or Friday! 🙂

See you in Nashville – Agile2013 at my Lightning talk!

So, did you all sign up for Peter’s session at Agile2013?


I am excited to share that I will in Nashville too and will be representing PMI Agile CoP Council.

As a part of the conference, there are specific time slots for lightning talks on 3 themes: People, Process and Technology. Many people showed interest in the lightning talk idea I submitted – “Communities of Practice – What, Why and How?

I invite you to mark your calendars if you are attending the conference: Tuesday, August 6 • 2:00pm – 3:15pm. This will be my first talk on such a scale :), so I will appreciate your support! While I am preparing for the 5 minute talk, I am interested to know from AgileScout community:

  • What questions would you like to see addressed with respect to the above topic?
  • If you were attending the talk, what would you want to hear from the person?

I want to make sure I share something that the agile community would find valuable. Your questions can help in advance. So, please share your comments and thoughts either here on the ideascale site and help me, help you!

Regardless of you attending the conference, you can still VOTE on the above idea (or any others ideas that interest you – Note: Account creation required with idea scale).  Voting open till July 25th, so hurry!

It is a great feeling sharing this post with you – on a special day – July, 19th 2013. Today I complete a decade of my first ever plane ride in my life which brought me into US of A! :). A decade, WOW!

It’s been an amazing ride, thanks to you – Agile community!