Canada Does Agile Too, Donchaknow?

With all the hubbub going on about the new PMI Agile certification, I’ve been doing some searches around the interwebs for information about testing, exam prep, and the like. Well wouldn’t you know it, the Project Management Association of Canada has a player in the game: The Certified Agile Project Manager designation, and it’s been out for a while now.

I wonder how much value it holds here in the USA…

The Project Management Association of Canada offers an entry-level certification in agile project management called the “Certified Agile Project Manager.” Those who are awarded this certificate have the right to use the postnomial “Cert.APM” for as long as their certification remains current.


This unique specialty project management certification is aimed at primarily IT project managers who are looking for additional credentials beyond basic project management credentials such as the PMP designation from PMI. Having specialty certifications such as PMAC’s Cert.APM offers project managers a number of benefits:

  • Differentiation – Basic project management certification has spread throughout the world, with over 336,000 project managers (as of June 2009) having PMI’s PMP designation alone. Having one’s PMP used to be a differentiator in the marketplace; now, they are so common that project managers need something more to stand out.
  • Development – A project management specialty certification from PMAC is evidence that a project manager is actively engaged in skills growth and career development — a sign of a true professional.
  • Advanced Skills – Having PMAC’s Certified Agile Project Manager shows that a candidate has taken specialty training and has passed a rigorous examination on agile project management theory and techniques.

The Canada Agile certification has some supporters, namely: Scott Ambler and Alistair Cockburn.

Wouldn’t it be valuable that the PMI would leverage some of what the Scrum Alliance has done and Canada has created to make sure they cover all the bases with this new PMI Agile Certification?


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  1. A link to the Canadian program’s info would help in order to answer your question about PMI taking advantage of it. I think it is generally felt that PMI’s certification program is, at the moment, substantially more robust than the Scrum Alliance’s (at least for the CSM and CSPO). Hard to know what PMI should take from SA’s program.

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