Business Success is about Instilling HOPE

“I hope to pursue a fulfilling career as a change agent within my company and beyond. Thanks so much for showing me the possibility!” – S. Hsu


  • If you are a manager, when was the last time that you inspired and instilled hope into your team?
  • If you work for a manager, when was the last time your manager inspired you?

I hope the answer is “daily.” If not, why? Are we not all built to create? Seth Godin says that we all were created to create. If we don’t have opportunities to create, to be inspired in our work, to hope for something better as we grow, then what are we doing?

I believe, as an Organizational Coach, my role is to instill hope in people. 

I believe this is the most rewarding and fulfilling role anyone can play in a company and in other people’s lives.

Consider it. There should be a title in business like: “Chief Inspiration Officer” or “Chief Hope Officer.”

What do you think?

3 Replies to “Business Success is about Instilling HOPE”

  1. At RUMC job networking where I volunteer, a major portion of the work we do is in the how to and do this don’t do that part. But, we set the business portion aside to feed the body and the spiritual side of the job seeker. Dinner is the time to make sure that we give hope to the job seekers. The loss of a job has removed a lot of that part of the job seekers, so we try to restore their hope.

    So I say AMEN Brother!

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