Business Optimization and Human Potential

We are often blind.

As Agile Coaches, consultants, and organizational improvers, we strive to help teams and businesses alike improve their performance, output, and even culture.

The problem is… that we often come into a team or business blind, not understanding the full context of each team and each individual who makes up that team.

This is a problem.

To be the most effective we need to understand how people operate. We need to understand how they work collectively, as a group, as a team, and as individuals. The quicker we can assess and understand the contextual culture of our clients and teams, we are left to empirically deduce assumptions that most often are half-truths.

As we jump into consulting or coaching with any client, it would be great to know their cultural context, how people are behaving, and even how to engage with them best.

Easier said than done, until TeamScience™ dropped on the scene.

TeamScience™ – Business Optimization and Human Potential

TeamScience™ is simply this: A team and business assessment instrument that allows employees, managers, and stakeholders, the ability to understand how to communicate, collaborate, deal with conflict, and engage with each other better.

You now have the right levers to pull. You now have the ability to speak intentionally to each person because you know how they work and operate.

It is no longer an option to go in blind and guess. Know your people. Know your clients. Know how to tap into each team members’ potential.


An Example of Individual Assessment Results

[Example Workshop Setup]

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