How to Build Customer Trust with Blog Content – a 4 Step Process

Ed Hill: In content marketing we’re trying to answer customer questions to help customers meet their needs. Plus if we do a good job with the content customers are gonna share this content with their friends across their social networks. But the problem is creating enough content quickly.

Fifty-one percent of marketers struggle to create enough content for their marketing blogs.

To answer this question we’re talking to Jamie Grimes.  Jamie’s worked as a content strategist for marketing websites such as Apartment and Healthcare IT Leaders.

Jaime Grimes: So you can use blogs to give longer pieces of information to your customers. Maybe you’re listening through social media and you find that they want a specific topic and If want you to talk about it so you can use blogs to speak to them that way or you can use blogs to tell them about your company information in a way that you know they can relate to.

Ed Hill: In fact 69 percent of customers trust content on branded web sites.

The benefits of blogging go beyond just building trust. Business marketers using blogs can generate sixty percent more traffic then marketers not using blogs It’s a compelling argument but how much content do we need to make a difference?

A blog with 51 to 100 pages can get up to 48 percent more web traffic. Write blog posts 15 or more times per month and you get five times more web traffic.

So what should we do to find the kind of information that customers need?

Jaime Grimes:  Another way is definitely through social media because your customer may say okay, you gave me this article about this but I’m looking for something like this.

Another great way is through your comments from your blog. You must have comments enabled on your blog. Preferably where you can go through and monitor them. You can approve them before they go on the site because you will receive spam, you don’t want to put that on your page.

Ed Hill: But what types of content seem to perform the best?

Jaime Grimes: How to articles perform really well. That’s something people are always looking for and then try to use top ten lists, a number:  top 5, top 10, best five, best 10, and for some reason that number speaks to people I guess they think they’re not committing to a really long blog post  If you bold those five or ten items.

Different types of readers can read that a different way. You have your scanner readers who just  go to a blog just to get quick information  and they see these five bolded points and a get the information they need. Whereas your more detailed person would want to read the text behind that. So that’s a good way to set up your blogs to appeal to more people.

OPTIMIZING  Your Blog for Search

Jaime Grimes: To rank for keywords phrases or a keyword, you need to use that in your  headline. You to use that in your photo caption.

A photo caption is very important. Do not just put a picture up there with nothing because you ought to explain. Especially if it’s a crazy looking picture. Explain how this relates to your blog or you’re gonna have a little bit of a disconnect whenever someone visually sees the picture verses reading the headline. So use the keyword in the title, use the keyword in the photo caption. For some reason bolding things throughout and using bullet points ranks higher in SEO. I’m not sure why. I think  it just gives you authority if you look like you’re yelling at people.

Sharing Your Content

Jaime Grimes: So there’s the share this button to share with several different audiences. I haven’t found that as effective as actually making the connection with a blogger and asking them their opinion about something that you wrote. It’s better asking them to re-post it. Usually with huge established bloggers you’re not gonna have as much luck as posting on their pages. You know you can do a couple searches about guest blogging and needed content to write, or freelance content. There’s so many search terms you can do in Twitter and in  Google to find those blogs that are looking for that kind of content.

Ed Hill: So this content marketing process gives you a way to build more content and increase your traffic.

  • Listen to customer needs across social medias
  • Build content that answers customer questions
  • Optimize that content and finally,
  • distribute the content across forums, blogs and social media.

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