The Best Training Isn’t What You Say, It’s What You Do

Dear Peter Saddington,

Thank you for the two day course for Scrum Masters.

I really liked the way you helped us learn Agile and Scrum through team activities.   Your training method itself reflected the principle that doing is more important than reading theory.

And you overcame so many obstacles (no projector / bad TV / faded markers / locked doors / late comers / fire drill) to enable us to focus on the session.  You showed us the qualities of a true Scrum Master.

Thank you also for sharing anecdotes from your personal experiences.  Your career path and academic qualifications inspire many of us.

I have been a huge fan of Agile principles, and I long to be part of a true Agile team.  You helped me picture the ideals with so much clarity that I truly hope my aspiration to be in an agile organization will come true soon.

Thank you.


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