Best Tool to Manage Distributed Agile Teams?

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Surveys are fun, but you have to look at them with a keen eye. Sometimes the results skew towards certain biases. This exact thing happened when the Ainstainer group put together a poll for the best tool to manage distributed Agile teams.

Some definition to begin:

  1. A Remote Team is a team of software developers that are located in an other city/region/country
  2. A Distributed Team (as defined by Ainstainer) is a team with members that are located in different places
  3. The main difference between these two teams is that distributed team is multidirectional (at least 2 or more locations),  while the members of a remote team are usually placed in one office with the Product Owner in another area (country).

As for the Poll Questions:

  1. What is the best Agile Tool for managing distributed teams?
  2. What is your experience in using the chosen Agile Tool?
  3. What country do you represent?

We love Canada. They have a bunch of pride. Out of 68 respondents from 17 different countries, 58% were from Canada… and guess what tool they said was the best? A Canadian Agile tool: Urban Turtle. Go figure, right?

Find the poll results [here].

Agree with these results?

What are your favorite tools for managing distributed teams?

Let us know in the comments.

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11 Replies to “Best Tool to Manage Distributed Agile Teams?”

  1. Traction TeamPage is the tool we use to manage our own distributed agile team, including work with hundreds of customers, technical, and reseller partners world-wide (I’m co-founder and President). See Alcoa Fastening Systems world-wide Oracle upgrade rollout story for a picture of a distributed agile team in action – over 4th of July holiday.

  2. A: We use a bunch of tools. Our primary tool for managing our Agile work is Rally. We also use JIRA (to manage external support), Confluence (document repositories), Skype (for meetings)
    B: All of the above listed tools are great and used by everyone. Being a user of Rally for the last 3 years they have evoloved the tool nicely but still need to work on portfolio management. Skype is really the difference maker. Being able to have video conferences and see the people in different offices and countries makes it more personal and allows for better collaboration via screen sharing.
    C: USA

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  4. Coming back from holiday just to find out that we are just outside of the top5 with our tool. I didn’t even know about the study. Thanks for voting for us.

    Besides Belgian chocolates, Brussels waffles and the Smurfs, Belgium is now known for its scrumtools 😉

  5. Go Canada! Glad to see that our country is up there for being agile!

    Any Planbox fans in the house?

    We are Montreal based, and have been selected as a promising company by the Canadian NGO supporting tech entrepreneurs, C100.

    Please be on the look out for us! 🙂

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