Best Time To Write Code – Not the Holidays

Between October and November, software developers write their worst and most buggy code, according to an application development testing outfit.

Fergal Glynn, Director of Marketing at Veracode had a look at the bug logs for software that his company gets to test and discovered that the amount of buggy code that gets written between October and November goes through the ceiling.

He got his control by looking at how much buggy code developers normally write and looked at the thousands of alpha and beta-stage applications Veracode scanned over the past couple of years (see his original findings here).

While you might think it is because it is the end of the year and people are thinking about Christmas parties it looks like everything settles down in December, which should be the party month of the year.

Writing in Threat Post, Glynn is not sure. He thinks some of it could be seasonal. After the Summer break thinks are usually pretty quiet but as Autumn hits there is lots of extra pressure of dropping kids at school.

There is also the added pressure to produce a high volume of code to meet end of year deadlines and releases, although we would have thought that would be worse in December if deadlines had fallen short…

Companies and team leaders need to be aware of this… and consider the potential repercussions of bad code/tech debt.

What do you think?

[HT: Threatpost]

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  1. I am not sure about November and October, but it is definitely related to relaxation. That’s why it is extremely important to keep a sustainable pace across your teams, which so difficult to achieve…

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