Top Agile Tools – Best Kanban Tools

Kanban is growing like wildfire. Many organizations are finding value in this simple process via a “pull” system: The production of work is determined by the demand from the customer.

You have a choice:

1. You can build a Kanban board.

2. You can use a tooland an actual board!

Here is a list of the best Kanban tools out there today.





FogBugz Kanban:



JAM Circle: *Open Source





Kanban Tool:

LeanKit Kanban:





Silver Catalyst:

Simple Kanban: *Open Source



Target Process:



Got a cool tool to add to the list? Let us know. We review stuff.

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  2. Hey AgileScout, brilliant list. I took the time to go through each one (as of 11-17-2010) as well as the Agile/Scrum tool round up as well.

    Some important features that I (and my small team) thinks are important are:

    1. Web based… no one has time to install a desktop tool on all comps and have it be networked.
    2. Easy to use… simple, usable, understandable (for non-scrum experts)
    3. Customizable… methodology agnostic (I agree with your blog post about how agile is a framework, not a methodology) When you are a small team, you have to be nimble, so the ability to turn unused features off to get it out of the way is key.
    4. Looks good… since you’ll be having it open all day, it can’t be completely ugly, functionality still rules, but if all things are equal, it’ll be good if it looked nice.
    5. Freemium model… definitely try before you buy, and ability to grow with the company is key.
    6. Active development… no one once to use a half-baked product that is no longer being worked on.
    7. Friendly support… good support and sense of community, really feels like your issues are being dealt with an would be put into consideration for the next release.

    Anyway, I decided to go with, I thought their product was highly functional, usable and customizable. It looks and feels good for my small team.

    I’m not a Scrum expert, but it seems that Scrum is good for big teams, with big budgets. For small teams (2-5 devs), a need to stay nimble, Scrum might be overkill and a good customized KanBan system might be the better approach.

    1. This is awesome man! Thanks so much for your feedback! These are the reasons we do what we do and provide valuable content for the community! I’m so glad you picked out a right solution for your team’s needs. Keep on!

    2. You rock! We started Kanbanery over a year ago to scratch our own itch. There were no good tools for distributed kanban teams and we have clients all over the world, so we built Kanbanery. We were happy with Pivotal Tracker for Scrum, but when we discovered what kanban could do for Scrum teams, we needed something more to visualize our workflow and produce metrics to improve flow. We maintain a team of eight on the project and release on average once a week, and sometimes daily, depending on the complexity of the features we’re working on. We try to make user requests part of every release, so if there’s anything you’d like to see in Kanbanery, let us know at

  3. Great list – thanks.
    After reviewing all tools we decided to use Why? Because it’s:
    1.Highly customizable – you can fully customize your card and your board, a lot of colorful cards and swimlanes
    2.Real time updates – you are notified when a team member makes changes on the board
    3.The most similar to a real whiteboard we used so far:)

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  5. There is also the KanbanPM site ( I like it for it’s ease of use and time tracking. It is easy to configure and seems to have better support for the different roles that people have within projects.

  6. Hi,

    Please do consider putting up Swift-Kanban on this list as well. We are an up and coming tool – but with some great visual capability, configurability and ease of use for distributed teams. David Anderson is an advisor to our company Digite. We have got a great response so far.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Mahesh Singh
    Co-founder/ Sr. VP – Product
    Digite, Inc., Mountain View, CA

  7. Great list. Only 3 of these companies actually participate actively in the Kanban community and attend our conferences. What will it take to get more of these firms showing up at events like Lean Kanban Central Europe in Munich in October?

    I’d also like to see more of them actively participating in the Lean Software & Systems Consortium and getting involved in our tools standards, metrics and benchmarking initiative.

    While the large number of tools is definitely helping adoption, the lack of community involvement makes me suspicious that some folks are opportunists trying to exploit a market that many of us have worked hard to create.

    I will continue only to recommend tools by people who actively participate in our community.

    I am surprised that Greenhopper is not on the list. You might also want to add VisualWIP which is a Kanban plug-in for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

    Meanwhile, I continue to recommend LeanKit, Swift Kanban and Silver Catalyst with Target Process and Greenhopper as others worthy of a look. These are the people creating tools for enterprise use that are active in the community.

    I like AgileZen as a personal kanban tool.

    You might also like to take a look for Eylean. A new tool just launched that should also be featured on this list. It’s focused more on the .Net market but is a worthy contender.

    1. There was an agile community embracing lean principles in Europe before the LSSC existed and there were central european conferences promoting lean thinking before anyone conceived of the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference (which isn’t even in Central Europe). There are many ways in which progressive thinkers in the software community can participate that do not involve channeling funds into new events initiated by David Anderson and Associates. There are opportunists here, but they may not be who David implies. Look for the first organization to start selling kanban certifications and there you’ll find the real opportunists.

      For the last few years, lean and agile thinkers in Central Europe attended the ACE! Conference in Krakow and Agileee in Kiev. This year, they can choose between events in Krakow, Warsaw, Berlin, Kiev, Prague, Helsinki, Bucharest, and I hear there’s to be one in Slovakia, too. The result of this explosion in conferences is likely to be speaker burnout and lower overall quality of content at all events, less sponsor money to keep ticket prices down, and attendees less willing to travel leading to less knowledge sharing across regional boundaries. In an attempt to create their own communities, initiatives like the LSSC and ALE Network risk fracturing the community that already exists. So if people aren’t flocking to sponsor David’s new conference, it might not be because they are cynical opportunists, but because they don’t see the need for a new lean event in Europe.

      1. In the interests of transparency, I should point out that I am the creator of both the ACE! Conference on best practices in software development (since 2009) and (also released in the same year). I’ve been an active member of the European software development community since moving here in 2004.

      2. Thanks for the input Paul, helps us all get a better perspective of things going on around the globe! Wish I had the time to spend out there and go to some of those conferences!

  8. Hi,

    We want to use Kanban for organizing our Agile community projects. Therefore, I am looking for a hosted Agile tool with possibility to make Kanban/Scrum board public. It would be perfect if we could embed it in our site. Can anyone advice which tool supports such feature? I was looking though this list, but I couldn’t manage to find one with such feature. I guess i might missed it.


  9. Thanks Dovile. I have tried Eylean for different project and it is great. Nevertheless, it does not fit to my current needs: tool mus be web based and it should have publicly accessible backlog. As I understand these are very unusual requests for Agile tool 🙁

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  11. Thanks for the list. Two years later it’s still very very useful.
    Just one comment: Rallydev – – also offers a Kanban board with it’s payed version.
    I’d love to hear your comments on it.

  12. Dear Agilescout Team

    Thank you for those useful tips at your site.
    We would be happy if you added our Personal Kanban Software to your Kanban Tools List.
    Even in Germany there is a Personal Kanban fan community, growing day by day.

    Thank you for your efforts beforehand.

    Sincerely Pia Tischer

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  14. I was really surprised not to see Kanbanize.I have used most of the electronic kanban tools but somehow this one seems to me most intuitive and user friendly. It’s a bum that you haven’t considered it.

  15. Built on the Kanban methodology to:

    1. Reduce costs
    2. Respond to change quickly
    3. Achieve and assure quality control
    4. Allow workers reach their maximum potential

    The benefits of the Web TCards Visual Task Planning system have been proven by 300 + Clients worldwide

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  16. This is a very good list, I have used several of these over the last few years. My favorite now is Trello which has outstanding flexibility, I dont see it on the list.

  17. Very good list. I’ve be using some of this tools in my projects. I also found a new online kanban tool – what do you think about it? I think it might be worth adding to your collection. Regards.

  18. Chexk out Taskfort (

    It’s a hostable kanban solution that has real time collaboration integrated. Also once you pay for your license you will have access to the full source-code.

  19. Great list! I use Kanban Tool and that’s for me the best project management tool. Timeline view, better communicate with team – I think it’s worth trying 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  20. Really great list. I started to use for project managing and I enjoy the kanban method so much. The thing I like the most is its clarity.This software is also very useful and makes teamwork so much easier.

  21. Hey, Agilescout,
    I noticed the screenshot of Kanbanize is pretty much outdated 🙂 Maybe it’s a good idea to update it so it matches the current vision of the product and users don’t get confused. Thanks 🙂

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