Beginning Your Scrum Journey

Go Towards the Light!

Beginning an journey in Scrum can be as exciting as any new endeavor that we begin in life. It can be exciting as well as overwhelming.

A good article I recently read had given me a fresh perspective on this, and with any type of self-improvement, it is valuable for us to self-reflect on how this new improvement is really going to help our lives.

Joe Little writes that:

To make my life better, to make our team’s life better, to make our customers’ lives better. You will note how that starts from the center and moves outward.

And it raises a fundamental question: what does it mean to make someone’s life better? This is a difficult yet important question.

What a great question to ask!

Joe says that it’s more than just software, and maybe it’s more than just understanding oneself and learning about oneself.

To me, taking the Scrum framework beyond the workplace has helped tremendously. Sometimes we need to have a little “Family Scrum” and attack the biggest issues and surface small impediments. Sometimes we need to take small bites out of a large task and break them up into sizable chunks. Maybe this whole “Agile Thing” really has something to do more with how we work and live rather than what we do.

Get an interesting perspective and the rest of the article here.

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