Back in Atlanta – Almost 2 Years Away!

A packed house for my talk on behavioral science, neuroscience, and psychology!


It’s good to be back in Atlanta. Actually I never left (in spirit). But it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been able to really get back into the community here. I’ve been so busy traveling (client work)!

This past week I spoke at the Scrum Atlanta Group and boy was it fun. Meeting new people, seeing some old faces that I haven’t seen in a good while and just catching up on the vibes here. Atlanta has a great Agile community, people who are really interested in making big changes and bigger differences in their lives and companies.

I also met more “Agile Coaches” located in the metro Atlanta area than I would have ever guessed! I guess Atlanta is finally attracting good talent to help companies thrive. I’ll be honest, 2 years ago, I could probably only count the number of Agile consultants on one hand in Atlanta. Now there are many more. This is a GOOD thing!

Keep Atlanta alive. Keep hope alive. Build your Scrum business in Atlanta. You’ll have great support from a community that cares about building great companies in Georgia.


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