APMG International Agile Certification

There is a growing list of Agile Certifications out there:

  1. Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Certification
  2. Project Management Institute Agile Certification
  3. Oh Canada! Agile Certification
  4. DSDM – Agile Atern Certification
  5. Open Agile Certification
  6. APMG-International – Agile Project Management

I’m sure there are more out there… and I’m learning more about these every day.

As for APMG-International: It is a global Examination Institute accredited by The APM Group Ltd, the Official Accreditor of the Office of Government Commerce. Their regional offices are located in Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Their portfolio of qualifications includes the OGC Best Practice qualifications of ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP®, M_o_R®, and P3O®.

I really am curious about these certifications, frankly speaking, I think it would be GREAT to have all of them under my belt! Am I a certification junkie then? Ok ok, I know that certification doesn’t mean you’re actually proficient in anything. I graduated with a bunch of knuckleheads in college, and graduated as a knucklehead in my Masters degree.

So, if you had the choice, which Agile certification would you do? Would you do all of them?


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  1. When I was active in and teaching ASQ software quality courses, I had a CSQE since it was expected. I got my CSM because I wanted to experience Ken and Mike’s training. I went on to get my CSP because I had the experience and background and it didn’t cost a lot. I would pursue others as a matter of being interested in the training offered as part of the effort. I would not bother “testing out” just for the sake of getting a certification, however.

      1. Courses matter, I agree, but it would be better to have one central organism for this certification…

        Otherwise it all lose it’s credibility and it matter to some clients even if it does guarantee you’re a champion in it, at least you shown interest to it and ensure you understand it quite well.

        After your experiences and achievements speaks for themselves.

  2. I started with the PSM or scrum.org.

    It was what the reference company in Montréal was giving with their course. But I could have passed just the exam although the course was really interesting.

    I was considering doing the CSM of the Scrum Alliance, but you’re force to pay a course which is quite expensive to have courses and not really evaluated for the certification. So I prefer the Scrom.org approch and will intend to pass my level 2 certification there instead.

    Will I reatch lev 10 with badges and special mention one day? 🙂

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