AgileScout V3 – MVP and Future Updates – Version3!

We’re excited to announce AgileScout’s next update preparing us for the future of Agile Software Development News.

1. Updated Site

Focusing on the news you can use first and foremost. Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is rough on the aesthetics, but architecturally bad ass. What you don’t see on the back end is the revamped site structure, architecture, and uber-SEO packaging.

We’ll updated the site design in due time… stay tuned.

2. Preparing for Growth

We’re excited to pre-announce that we’re growing, potentially by 3-4x in terms of contributors. This means that you’ll get even better content, more often. Announcements of our lead contributors soon…

3. Branding will now become less of a personal brand of Peter Saddington, and more of a network/portal site for multiple writers and contributors. Peter will probably start a new twitter…

4. We’re Hiring

With our imminent growth, we’ve begun to think about hiring on potential contributors willing to help grow this community. If you’re interested, drop us an email.

5. Happy

We’re happy and excited to be reaching this stage of our modest site. It’s because of our viewers, guest contributors, advertisers, and community that we’ve gotten this far (and been able to give away so much free stuff). We hope to continue our growth towards something that brings even more value to the software development community. Here’s to 2012+!


Peter Saddington

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