AgileScout Expands Agile Development News Writers and Topics

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Peter Saddington explains why he’s expanding the writers and the topics that AgileScout will cover.


What’s next for AgileScout?

Peter Saddington: There have been a couple people that have noticed the changes for AgileScout. I’ve been transparent about the new direction for AgileScout. Agile Scout started as an independent brand for myself. My tagline was β€œan independent voice, democratizing agile software development, opening up the doors so anyone can get information about best practices in software development or lean software development.”

It was a personal branding site for me, but I came to realize that I could never scale myself. I could never replicate myself and say start blogging on this topic or start blogging on that topic.

What really set it off was a video I saw by a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine Library guy, who made his fortune on social media and YouTube talking about wine. He talked about in his video that the walls to entry to social media and growing a brand have dropped dramatically. No longer do you have to get all these major players and get them in one place and pay them big bucks. No longer is that the case.

You could start with a free Word Press blog. You could start with some pretty big movers and shakers and independent voices and bring them together. So, that really helped to solidify for me, where AgileScout needed to go.

I’ve slowly but surely opened up AgileScout’s doors to other contributors, like yourself. People that have voices, that are not necessarily in my particular domain space, and not within my expertise.

We’re bringing on, for example, a Six Sigma product management executive. We’re bringing on another individual who’s going to write about social media and write about the benefits of social media. We’re bringing on another individual who’s another agile coach. We’re bringing in another person who’s a software development business analyst.

We’re going to have a whole conglomeration of different voices for this blog. I’m going to be, and this is a scary prospect for some people but I’m going to be taking that brand away from myself. I’m going to be removing myself from that brand, and giving that brand to the community. It’s a scary step, but I think it’s the best step as we increase our viewership, and increase our influence within the community. It’s going to bring a lot of great value with multiple voices, to the software development community.

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  1. I met Gary at last years Digital Summit. His book The Thank You Economy should be required reading for every one who works in product :-).

    Great video! Karo

      1. A tad pumped during presos – he keeps engagement to the max! Quite nice actually when you speak with him.

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