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Have you gotten to a point where you realize there is no tool (whether it be for agile development, project management, etc) that directly fits your company needs? As most companies rely strongly on continuous innovation and iterative process, having a tool that fits their needs (not the other way around) is imperative to building great products.

That’s how Timebox came to be.

Many agile tools on the market offer plenty of benefits. Whether it’s an assortment of graphs and charts or ways to track and manage time, you’re bound to find a wide variety of numbers and equations that ‘supposedly’ make your job easier. The problem? They don’t. Most of these tools are large, confusing and often difficult to use (and ultimately train others on). With Timebox the goal is to eliminate confusion and allow anyone to start using the tool instantly! And the best part? It’s FREE.

List of benefits:

  • Start using the tool in under 2 min
  • Add and engage with multiple teams and team members
  • A dashboard view of all projects and teams
  • Cloud based
  • Easy to understand burn down chart
  • A filter that allows the viewing of specific teams in a project
  • Security roles

Looking Good

Who says an agile management tool can’t look good? With Timebox, the user is never overwhelmed with too much clutter on the screen. And with the ability to see different icons for Bugs, Tasks and User Stories, it’s easy to differentiate which is which when scrolling through a backlog (without having to click anything). But Timebox doesn’t stop there! Each icon is also given a small badge that lets the user know what stage the item is in; Not Started, Started, and Accepted.


Agile and scrum are meant to be done in teams. Why shouldn’t your agile management tool support that also? With Timebox you can assign people to stories associated with different projects and teams and monitor them separately. The Dashboard shows not only the progress of the different projects, but also the individual teams within that project (including velocity history, points in progress, and points accepted).

Planning and Backlog Grooming

Project managers spend most of their time planning. Timebox makes it easy by using the historical velocity (of the team OR project) to provide an estimated time of completion. Project managers can use this feature to see when they can expect a finished product, and if it can fit in the timeframe of their sprint and ultimately their release date.

Bottom line?

We like it. It’s got all the feature’s you’d expect from a tool like this (it’s free to start), it has the aesthetic look and feel of something robust. It’s pretty. Sometimes thats just enough to get you started. Functionality? It’s got it. Now, take it for a spin and have a go.

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  1. Thank you SO much for your continued reviews of tools that are out there.
    You really take the guesswork and confusion out of navigating the tool landscape and provide it to us on a silver platter. 🙂 Thanks!

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