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In the highly populated space of project management applications, a lot of them have features that support the team-community, collaboration, and communication. For some tools, this is part of the service offering. For others, it’s the driving factor of their tool.

[Enter]: MooviaTeam Collaboration Network that Focuses on The Team and People

I had a chance to speak with the founders about this tool. MOOVIA is a free application and they explain that their initial “dream” was to develop a project management tool that would be easy-to-use, and put the people in a more important level than the project. Meaning, the team and people working are the basis for creating good software. Ok. Cool. Got it. I can believe that.

Rodrigo tells me that they realized it should have 3 main aspects:

  1. It must be built on a social network environment,
  2. It should be based on agile methods, but not limited to it,
  3. And it has to be FREE for the user.

The founders (from Brazil) state that their goal is to create a community around people and collaboration, and the resources to maintain the platform will come from services provided to that community, like work exchange, consulting, training, and so on.

“Weʼve always been looking for an online workspace to put our team together, that would be easy-to-use, provided visibility of all the actions, and most important, would focus on communication … and when weʼve decided to create MOOVIA, we realized that our mission is to create an environment that promotes collaboration through a social network platform.” – said Rodrigo Griesi, co-founder.

MOOVIA is brand new, only 2 months old, an itʼs inviting everyone to join the community.

Ok, but we need to get down to the benefits of this platform, so let’s jump in.

A small list of nice things youʼll find in MOOVIA:

  • Itʼs free for any number of projects and members
  • Very quick to start (specially if connecting with your social accounts)
  • Itʼs light and safe, meaning good performance and data protection
  • Provides a great tool for team communication (more details below)
  • It has a “cockpit” view of your project (important things and issues will come to your eyes)
  • You can connect with people (like a social network), and invite them to a project
  • Manage your projects in a graphical way, with the burndown and gantt charts
  • Create sprints and tasks easily with inline editing (no extra screen to edit information)
  • Notes – a tiny great feature: create a commentary stream for each task, sprint, or event

It’s all about the communication

Rodrigo Griesi, co-founder, always enphasises that MOOVIA will give any project a big hand by connecting the team and providing a communication media around the tasks.

Weʼve found several ports of communication on the platform:

  • private message
  • team message
  • project wall
  • networking
  • new task/ event/ new note/ done task messages
  • contact info
  • online chat (available in 2 weeks)

MOOVIA has an intresting roadmap of features to be developed as time goes by … but Iʼm sure that with the features already available itʼs worth a try … and if you like it – use it for free!

What I Liked:

  1. This tool is in it’s infancy – But it’s got some pretty solid features that you would expect from a collaboration/agile tool.
  2. Clean and fast – The tool is clean looking. The UI/UX is solid
  3. Collaboration first – In the dashboard and other areas, it is easy to quickly see what others are doing. You can stop, collaborate, and listen.

*EDIT* – A nice new feature that just came out: The ability to change the terminology according to the method you choose for each project. Now it’s possible to use “sprints” in SCRUM projects, or change it to “milestones” in PMI projects.

With this feature, everybody is happy 🙂

6 Replies to “[Agile Tool Review] – Moovia – Team Collaboration Network”

    1. I have been using Trello and love the tool but it does not have a gantt view or a way to see burndowns.

      Your tool seems to be a better fit but I haven’t been able to find how to update tasks names on the Kanban view? THe default is todo, doing, Issue, Done which does not fit my process. Can this be changed?

      1. Hi Carl,

        You can’t change the status name (todo – doing – issue – done), however, you can adapt your process using our new feature – task categories – in wich you can create different categories inside the task groups to allocate your tasks.

        Hope this suits your needs.

        Bruno Maya
        MOOVIA help

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