[Agile Tool Review]: Conferencing calling made easy by free online tool – Speek!

Interested to know about an easy to use, No Bridge/PIN requiring conference call tool? Check out Speek[.com]!
Note: Currently they only support callers within USA.

“..there HAS to be an easy way!..”

One of the biggest challanges of being a volunteer lead on distributed virtual teams is – Communication. With various teams I volunteer with, keeping up with the calendar, conference bridges and pins is a tough task. I’ve sometimes joined the meetings late due to fiddling with the “smart phone” or used incorrect numbers..In my quest to find a FREE simple option, Somehow, I found out about http://www.speek.com/

How it works?

Speek team has pretty good video, audio help to get us started. I would recommend starting here:

  1. Features/Ad
  2. How to Register your Speek Link
  3. How to join a Speek call

In addition here are few self explanatory screen shots for your reference:






Dashboard & Bridge Info:




My Experience:

I’ve had calls with our PMI Atlanta volunteer team, with few agile coaches, and we all found it:

  • very easy to navigate,
  • intuitive,
  • Call quality was clear and
  • Call Summary email after the end of call!

What can make it BETTER:

  1. If Speek could add a Screen/Desktop share utility in addition to file share and
  2. I know they already must be working on this, but making it GLOBAL!

What do agilescout readers use to keep in touch with your (distributed) teams? Were you aware of Speek before reading here? Let us know.

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  1. Thank you Sameer!

    I’m always looking for ways to facilitate “virtual co-location” — with multi-media pairing, sharing, and common areas. The easier, the better!

    So, your post does, indeed, “speek” to me 😉

    Thanks again!

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