Agile Testing Days 2013 – Pure Joy @agiletd

2013.10.29-agile-testing-days-2013-2 2013.10.29-agile-testing-days-2013

It is 110% complete joy that I’m filled with whenever I come to Berlin to speak at this conference. I spoke in Berlin at Agile Dev Practices earlier this year and it was an honor to come back.

What is so unique about this conference is that in many regards it’s like returning to a family. Great people. Wonderful conversation. Unique venue. Awesome talks.

I’m already looking forward to seeing many of these people again… and we’re not even done yet!

What agile brings is a great culture of people. A community. If, for no other reason, the value of Agile is it’s vast community of caring people. What else matters?

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