Agile Summit PW&WCBA Introductions and Kickoff!

Day 1 – Agile Summit

Presider: Ellen Gottesdiener

This Agile Summit is all about the practitioners who are sharing their experiences with transition to Agile.

  • Speaker – Manoj Vadakkan – Agile Project Management Estimation and Planning
  • Speaker – Pam Johnson – Leading Agile Self-Oriented Teams
  • Speaker – Dave Grabel – Globally Distributed Agile projects
  • Speaker – Susan Block – Making a Leap to Agile Requirements
  • Speaker – Janet Bartz – Using Agile and Lean
  • Speaker – Jane Shellum – Using Agile and Lean

[8:05am] – Ellen Gottesdiener has us pair up (an XP initiative?) and discuss why we are here and what we hope to get out of this. *Pairing up now*

I met with Shawn Hardin from the “Show Me State” of Missouri and he’s looking to transition his projects to a more Agile approach.

A very Agile approach!

Here we’re breaking up into groups with Agile experience.

Looks like a bunch of people here are new to Agile and looking to get educated! Fantastic!

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