Agile Success Stories – Case Study Call for Submissions!

After speaking with many other Agile Coaches and Consultants out there about successes in Agile transformation and adoption… it’s about time to document them.

My desire in this initiative is to collect success stories around Agile coaching engagements.

Are You an Agile Coach or Consultant?

Submit your case study or example of a successful Agile engagement, transformation, or adoption.

Are You Looking for Examples of Successful Agile Implementations?

Look no further. I hope to build an entire collection of robust examples of Agile transformations based on real life stories. Heck, you may even find the right consultant for your business challenge… why? Because you read about his/her real life work example.

Submit Your Story!

  1. Submit your story [here].
  2. Your submission will be reviewed and posted online for thousands to see.
Simple. Fill out the form and prove to us that Agile methods truly do work.

8 Replies to “Agile Success Stories – Case Study Call for Submissions!”

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  3. hi team,

    what actualy happened to the AGILE practical case studies.
    I have been looking through many many AGILE books – the market seems to be flooded – but real life case stuies – seem to be missing

    I feel like writing a book about AGILE real life case studies.


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