Agile Simulation Group Exercise and Walkthrough

Brian Bozzuto over at put together a fantastic Agile Simulation exercise during the recent PMI North American Global Congress that happened recently.

We liked these resources so much we thought we’d share them with a wider audience!

The purpose of this exercise is to introduce the mechanics of an Agile project and to highlight the role of the Product Owner. In Brian’s words:

“Many people at the end of the simulation came forward and talked about how powerful it was to have someone speaking on behalf of the business there for the whole simulation. The team got to feel the power and collaboration of showing a business partner real time progress and making changes based on how they were doing. For some of us who have been preaching Agile and Scrum for a while, this may sound patently obvious.”

Below are the (very cool) templates for Agile Charts and Task Boards. Make sure you download them!

Take a look at the full presentation below as well.


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