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VersionOne Introduces Catalyst Edition

New Edition Delivers Automated Project Planning, Tracking and Reporting for Ramping Up Agile Adoption Beyond the Development Team

VersionOne Catalyst Edition is an all-in-one agile management tool built from the ground up to support and reinforce agile development processes. Catalyst Edition delivers improved visibility across projects, automated reporting and an easy path for teams ramping up their agile adoption to start small and scale with VersionOne as their needs evolve.

Built with the same rich UI as VersionOne’s Enterprise and Ultimate Editions, Catalyst Edition allows organizations to adopt a right-sized solution and then easily upgrade to more feature-rich editions at a natural pace as their agile adoption matures. Catalyst is designed for agile development teams with up to 20 users who have outgrown starter agile management methods – such as spreadsheets, whiteboards and sticky notes or agile plug-ins – and need to extend visibility beyond the team to include project stakeholders through real-time, shared project views.

What is Catalyst Edition?

All-in-one agile project management tool built from the ground up to support and reinforce agile development processes, improve visibility across projects, automate reporting and allow teams who are ramping up their agile adoption to start small and scale to a comprehensive tool (with same UI) as their needs evolve.

  • Visibility across projects, simplified planning and tracking, and on-demand reporting with an affordable entry point and incredibly simple setup process – plus a path to easily upgrade to more sophisticated products as their agile adoption matures.”


  • A “right-sized” solution – Only lightweight tool on the market that aligns intuitively with a team’s agile processes, reinforcing and guiding teams through each step of the agile methodology without being prescriptive. Single teams can customize the tool to mirror their workflow processes and continue to modify and adapt the as they evolve; rather than having to choose between what’s useful now and what will be useful later.
  • Simplified agile process flow and UI navigation to accelerate agile adoption
  • Ability to manage all processes and work items within a single tool
  • Centralized backlog management with automated calculation of burndown, velocity and estimate trends
  • Effortless setup/administration – import backlog and get started in minutes
  • Easy upgrade path for investment – smart scaling of agile

 Who Needs Catalyst?

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Peter Saddington is an Organizational Scientist and Certified Scrum Trainer. You can find him at AgileforAll.com

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