Agile Scrum and 3 Core Reminders for Success

There are many proponents of Scrum out there, and from what we’ve heard, most companies that are doing Agile in some form or fashion are implementing Scrum more than any other Agile methodology. Why is this? Is it due to the Scrum marketing done by,, and other Scrum organizations? Or is it just because it’s based on a very simple framework that can be (somewhat) scaled to fit almost any enterprise project?*

Some interesting thoughts, but are better suited for a different blog post.

No matter how hard you want to push and Agile methodology (Scrum, XP, Kanban, TDD, Crystal, etc) you need to remember that usually 99% of development teams are 100% on board with it. I mean, lets face it. Your developers want to do good work. They want to push out product on time and with excellence. Doesn’t Agile just make sense?

Yes, at the team level it almost always makes sense. But the business? Well that’s another story.

Rob Franklin has pushed out a recent post that reminds us of 3 things that we (must) have to succeed with Scrum. What’s interesting is that the first point is something that almost every Scrum advocate out there blogs about constantly:

Business buy-in and product ownership.

The other two points just make sense as well:

  • Continue to ask questions of your product owners and stakeholders so you can fully understand the tasks at hand (don’t make assumptions).
  • Break down your stories, and then break them down again (Epics need not apply here)!

If you are a developer reading this, you’re probably just nodding your head. Makes sense right? Well, once again, the business has to be involved. A little out of a developer’s hands, right? Well no.

We would add that if your company is struggling with this area, continue to escalate the importance of business buy-in. Heck, call your local government official if you have to! Continue to promote and market the value of your business to buy-in to an Agile methodology. In some cases, if your team is doing a smash-bang job with already in-flight projects, it almost sells itself! Our encouragement to teams that want the business to be more involved will be a separate blog. Stay tuned and hit up the link for Rob Franklin’s blog on Scrum and his 3 points.


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