Agile Scout + You = Give Back to Community

We here at want to make sure that we give back to the community. In order to do so we’re starting a Sponsorship Campaign that allows business to advertise with us and help us give back to the Agile software development community.

Agile Scout is a news blog with very big dreams. You can help us be part of that.

Email us @

Sponsors start at $250/month and include several amenities:

  1. 125×125 pixel ad spots @ $250/month
  2. 300×250 pixel ad spot @ $500/month
  3. Best Agile Tools ad spot  @ $300/month
  4. We’ll promote your tool or business via online mediums (RSS/Twitter/Blog)
  5. Oh, and you get to support the Agile software development community (below).

The proceeds of the advertising space will go straight back into the community in the form of free swag (after cost of website maintenance):

  1. Software tools (like yours for trial periods)
  2. Books on Software development and Agile best practices
  3. Hardware (Stuff for productivity, Apple stuff (we love Apple))
  4. Business Cards (We’re working on a partnership with a vendor)
  5. Blogging software platforms (like the one we’re running on right now (Also a sponsor))
  6. Etc.

Sounds like a good deal? It absolutely is. Help the community. Empower the community. Teach the community.

Interested in giving back to the community or being a Premier Sponsor? Hit us up at info [at] agilescout [dot] com or fill out the form below. We’re ready to partner with you.

See Our Past Giveaways in 2011:

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