Agile Scout *BETA Release and First Ever PRIZE and GIVEAWAY!

We here at Agile Scout are excited to be hitting our *Beta stage of our site. We have purposefully taken an iterative approach to the designing and building of our product (We’re Agile aren’t we?) and it is our hopes that we can launch fully within our next release schedule.

Like our new website design and character? We do. We’re already looking forward to full release!

So on to the celebration with GUEST POSTS and PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS!

To celebrate our *Beta release we’ve asked bloggers, authors, and Agile coaches and consultants around the globe to weigh in on three simple (not-so-simple) questions:

  1. Your (author) background?
  2. How Agile has changed (from authors perspective) in terms of methods, philosophies, ideologies, pragmatic applications, etc.?
  3. Where is Agile going (in the future)?

Who’s up first? Check us out tomorrow for our first guest contributor!

So What’s The Prize?

We here at Agile Scout love technology and Agile software development. We also love people who love what they do and work hard at doing it best. We thought:

“How can we reward those that work hard and want to make sure they aren’t BLOCKED by any technological issues?”

Enter: Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive!

Yeh! Look at that! This baby works for Mac and PC. Brand new and yours for the taking (if you win of course)!

How can I get my hands on this?

Here’s what you need to do (3 chances to win):

  1. Subscribe to our blog via RSS feed which contains the special key-code which you will email to us.
  2. Want a second opportunity to win? Retweet this post and you’ll be given a second chance (use #agilescout).
  3. Want a third opportunity? Post a comment (below) telling us how you’d use this for work or personal use.

Check out our Subscribe page at the top for more ways to follow Agile Scout (Facebook and Twitter)!

How will we choose the winner?

We’ll choose a random winner from our Email Newsletter, RSS, Email Updates list, tweet list, or comment. The winner will be announced in one week and the winner has one week to claim. Easy enough right?

Now let the contest begin!!!

**Oh and by the way. We hope to be giving free stuff away every month! Stay tuned!**

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13 Replies to “Agile Scout *BETA Release and First Ever PRIZE and GIVEAWAY!”

  1. In my first look I can tell this will be a site I will greatly appreciate having as a resource – I’m a youth pastor, so I doubt it will help daily, but I know from following other friends at ChurchCrunch and 8Bit and guys like Tony Morgan, this will be one I’ll look to, regularly, for ways to better serve my church. High five

  2. I am the CMO of a full service digital agency and also do consulting on the side. I would use this as a repository for all of my backup files, video, productions, etc without having to purchase new drives every year or so.

    Robert Urban

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