Agile Scout = Most Influential Project Manager?

Shout out to @derekhuether for letting us know. We didn’t even know such a thing existed.

So what does this mean to be the “Most Influential Project Manager?”

We have no clue…

But we hope that it means that we’re providing value to the community.

Let us tell you though what we have been doing and maybe that can help you out to bringing your message to the community.

We do tons of reconnoissance, or recon:

  1. Blogging – At least once a day (sometimes twice).
  2. Reading – We burn through our FeedBurner like no ones business and comment and retweet awesome content.
  3. Research – We scour the web for newest news from some of the best sources out there: Agile Practitioners (Not arm-chair theorists).
  4. Conversate – We meet up with tweeps, go to conferences, and local meet ups. We bring the online content to life by meeting with the people who practice Agile.
  5. We have fun – We love what we do. Sometimes you get recognized for loving your profession!
  6. Conferences – Yep. Go to them. Like the PW&WCBA Conference that Agile Scout is the premier blogger for.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to bring Agile to the masses and make information on Agile more accessible to all. Maybe that person is you.

*Edit: We queued this post up a week ago. Looks like we’ve been bumped off of first!

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