Agile Scout Moderator Panel with John McGuthry and David King

This panel session is meant to be a discussion and John McGuthry and David King are here so that all of us, the audience can learn from what they have to say.

Let me remind you of the over arching theme of this conference: To learn about the skillsets you need to succeed in work and your profession.

The questions I’ll be asking John and David:

Question 1 – What are you specifically looking for in a Project Manager or Business Analyst? Please tell us about the value of networks, certifications, and/or the use of social media?

Question 2 – What advice can you give to Project Managers of Business Analysts who are looking to advance their career to the next level, whether their goal is to move to a director level or C-level position. What leadership characteristics are necessary?

Question 3 for John: What have you found to be the most rewarding part of your job and career?

Question 3 for David: How do you keep yourself relevant in the industry? What are ways to continually re-invent yourself?

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