Agile Scout – First Ever Blog Series on Agile!

We here at Agile Scout are very excited for our upcoming *Beta release. There is a lot of stuff going on and we just wish we could do it all!

With our *Beta release of the site comes some very cool stuff, including:

  1. Our new Logo
  2. Our new Character – The Agile Scout!
  3. Our first ever blog series on “The State of Agile.”

We’re really stoked about the logo and icon, but what we are even more excited about are the guest contributors for our first ever Blog Series.

Who would those guest contributors be, you may ask? Check them out with Twitter and Blog website (In no particular order):

*Edit: This list will change as we haven’t locked in all the contributors yet*

  1. Robert P. Kelly@rkelly976 –
  2. Matthias Marschall@mmarschall – *CONFIRMED
  3. Eric D. Brown@ericdbrown –
  4. John Sutcliffe – @otisthemanager –
  5. Derek Huether@derekhuether – *CONFIRMED
  6. Lisa Crispin @lisacrispin – *CONFIRMED
  7. Donna Reed@agilistapm –
  8. Vincent D’Amico@brainslink – *CONFIRMED
  9. Ian Spence@adaptableco –
  10. Josh Nankivel@pmStudent – *CONFIRMED
  11. Sara Broca – @sara_broca – *CONFIRMED
  12. Victor Hernandez@vhernandez –
  13. Bernardo Tirado – @bernardo_tirado –
  14. Jim Benson@ourfounder –
  15. Marcin Niebudek@tinypm – *CONFIRMED
  16. Mark Levison@mlevison –
  17. Ken Schwaber@kschwaber – *CONFIRMED
  18. Bob Marshall @flowchainsensei –
  19. David Alfaro@agilenature –
  20. Tobias Mayer@tobiasmayer *CONFIRMED
  21. David Hicks – @DaveHicksRADTAC – *CONFIRMED

So after reading a list like this aren’t you excited? Well we sure are.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what these people have to say, and that’s exactly the point.

Agile Scout is here to democratize agile, a place where “Tenderfoot” (n00b) Agilists and “Expert” Agilists can share ideas, learn from one another, and most of all, spread the good word about how Agile can help businesses build software better. There aren’t any fees for entry, and neither are the walls high, let’s make Agile accessible for all!

Want a sneak peak at our ScoutMaster? Check him out!

Would you like to be a guest contributor for Agile Scout? Check out our posting guide.

Would you like to be a guest contributor for our first Blog Series? Email us. [Deadline 10/31]

Also, please understand what Agile Scout is all about. Our Manifesto here.

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