Agile Project Management and Your Search Marketing Cycle

How can you make progress with online marketing for your consulting business? If you’re marketing your blog or your agile services as a trainer, consultant or developer, all the marketing things you need to do can seem overwhelming. The more you learn about online marketing, the greater the burden grows. Blog marketing, search engine optimization – SEO and social media are only part of the marketing story.

Here’s where your knowledge of agile project management can reduce the complexity. If you think of marketing yourself as a set of iterative marketing tasks, you can make great progress over the course of a year. For each part of your marketing, whether blog marketing, SEO  or social media, break down your marketing work into one or two stories that you work on each month. Let’s look at some examples of things you can do on a regular cycle for each category.

SEO and Content cycle

  • Read social media, forums and blogs in your specialty area to see what people are concerned about this month. From this reading you can choose keywords that match with the blog or services you’re offering.
  • Build new web pages or blog posts that match these new keywords.
  • Interview some one who knows your business or services and write this up as a testimonial on your web site or blog. Optimize this testimonial for keywords related to your services or blog.
  • Link from an existing web page to your new blog post or web page to help search engines find your new web content.

Social Media

  • Find social media, forums or blogs that matter in your area of work. Share or link to their best content on a regular basis. As you do this, you will attract readers and followers who share your interests.
  • Seek out other posters who write about topics that interest you and reflect your area of specialty. Add these writers to your social networks.
  • As you create new web pages or blog posts, use your social media and forums to link back to your new content.

The most crucial part of this is learning which of your marketing tactics seem to produce the most readers of your blog and web site. When you find a tactic or a topic that provokes a reaction or brings more readers, you know you’re on the right track. Learn from your successes and failures, so you can repeat the things that work for you and your audience.

These are just a few examples of tasks you can do every month to promote your services or your blog. The key thing here is to do all these small steps on a regular basis. Repeat these small steps on a regular cycle and you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

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