Agile Products For Sale – What’s Worth Buying?

As Agile software development get’s more ingrained into businesses and teams around the globe, a market has arisen: Agile Products. While this certainly makes sense, I wonder how pervasive these products really are.

While I personally can’t live without Mike Cohn’s Planning Poker Deck, I didn’t know that cards like the above were available.

So what are you buying for your Agile team?

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  1. Besides the obvious (you know, chairs, tables and computers) I’d say:

    – White boards and markers (Should be obvious, but…)
    – Pomodoro timer ( Helps the team to focus.
    – When index cards or Excel have reached their limits, I do enjoy using UrbanTurtle or Jira with GreenHopper (once they are properly configured!) to help teams manage their backlogs.

    If all else fails you can always rely on Scrum Easy Install 😉


    1. I’m surprised someone isn’t marketing an official agile startup kit. It certainly wouldn’t be “official” but that never stopped anyone from doing stuff like that before. Offer it for the low low price of $19.95.

      But wait, there’s more! If you place your order right now, throw in an official agile Snuggle and a set of official agile Ginsu knives.

  2. I applaud them for at least thinking of this. Will most (or any) of the Agile community want or need these? Probably not. You’re just going to reach for your handy pile of 3M sticky notes. I think of this product offering as Agile training wheels. If you’re new to Agile, perhaps this will allow you to focus on more important things, like not running your bike into a tree. But, once you come up to speed (I need to stop with this analogy) you want and need more flexibility.

    As for Mike Cohn’s Planning Poker Deck, I have my set as well! But, the difference here is the card deck is price competitive and meets a need. Those story cards “may” add value to some. But I don’t see that outweighing the cost (versus standard sticky notes)

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