Agile Pathfinder Program – Free Agile Schooling (UK Public Companies Only)!

Agile Pathfinder Program (APP)

Public sector user group Socitm is launching a programme to test agile methodologies in IT projects for local government.

Agile approaches are designed to enable projects to become more flexible, responsive to change and innovative.

The program follows the government’s acceptance of recommendations made by the Institute for Government to implement a new approach to IT projects, following its bad track record of project failure.

The body for public sector IT professionals is seeking four to six volunteer organisations with suitable projects to create an Agile Pathfinder Program (APP) starting September 2011, so jump on it!

APP will be managed through a collaboration between Socitm Insight and IndigoBlue Consulting.
The program aims to understand the value of Agile, how it fits with current business change, the best ways to test the Agile methodology, and how best to promote the adoption of agile in a wider range of future IT-enabled programs.
“Agile could lead to a better, more focused approach to IT investment in local government.” – Martin Greenwood, Program Manager at Socitm on the program’s ability to give councils the opportunity to learn together about a beneficial methodology.

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