Agile Marketing is On Fire!

It’s only the beginning of summer and Agile Marketing is getting hotter!  It made sense to me “marketer” to use Agile techniques and it’s making sense to a good many others in the industry.

Not unlike Agile Development and Product teams, marketing professionals use Agile methods to increase speed and gain the flexibility required in today’s fast-fast global economy.

…two of the key features of Agile Marketing borrowed from Agile Development: fast iteration and objective testing. – Jason Cohen of SmartBear Software

SprintZero, the first gathering of Agile Marketing Professionals is planned for 11 Jun 2012 in San Francisco. I have been following their blog posts and it sounds positively great. I’ll be sure to share the Agile Marketing Manifesto with you once it’s done.

Here’s to marketing the Agile way! So looking forward to the ride.


4 Replies to “Agile Marketing is On Fire!”

  1. This is so true!

    Our marketing team has been using Planbox (agile tool) from the start. Plus, we have various marketing agencies using the tool.
    Being an agile marketer makes total sense. Any marketing expert should at least try out the agile way.

    Mag – product manager at Planbox

    1. Hey Mag, looking forward to seeing Agile practicing lawyers too.

      Actually, the SprintZero conference is interesting in that there’s enough marketing profs using Agile that there’s a meeting to share best practices. I hope to see more of these meetups.


  2. Karol, I love the headline and the image of the Flamenco dancer! Looking forward to meeting you next week at SprintZero. I’ll be kicking off the conference and moderating one or two of the sessions. Please come up and say hello.


    1. Jim,

      I’ve been reading up on SprintZero in yours and your mates’ blogs. Good things are happening – looking forward to hearing more on the Agile Marketer’s Manifesto!


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