Agile Job Postings – The Best Job Description Ever

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Seriously. When I came across this job posting by SEOmoz I was astounded. Not just astounded at the perks of the job, but the transparent and honesty behind it! This job posting is straight up Agile.

The best job description ever:

  • Transparency – Showing us why they are hiring and showing the $ numbers
  • Honesty – They want top talent, and are willing to pay for it. You can even get $12,000 for yourself if you ‘recommend’ yourself!
  • Rewarding – The job is rewarding. The outcomes are rewarding. The work is rewarding.

Why are these things “Agile?”

Because these are some of the core foundational tenants of the Agile Manifesto, implicit through the ideology. Agile brings transparency, accountability, and honesty to the work that you do as a software developer. People who work in an Agile environment are rewarded with a great place to work, building good software quickly (with quality) and have monthly (or more) wins in terms of successful builds and deployments to production. Agile environments should be fun, they should be fast-paced and exciting. Am I dreaming here?

Things to think about for your next employer (from SEOmoz):

  • Will I be working on fun, interesting problems that will challenge me professionally and grow my skills?
  • Will I learn from my co-workers and influence them positively?
  • Does the company compensate generously and appropriately?
  • Does my work make a recognizable impact on the company and the world?
  • Am I contributing to a mission I believe in and a company whose core values I respect?

We owe it to our customers and our mission to build amazing software and that means recruiting remarkable engineers. It’s great to be a profitable startup, but money sitting in the bank won’t do us, or our community any good. We want to put these dollars to work and build something revolutionary – we’re aiming to be the future of organic web/inbound marketing software.

Uh, heck yah! Sign me up (if I wasn’t loving what I do already)!

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