Agile Is… Excerpts from RallyON 2011

[Link to video here]

RallyON 2011 was a fun conference for sure. Read about my experiences here.

“For me RallyON was one of those – you know what, I am living my dream – moments in life. My favorite town (Boulder) was filled with 150 of our largest and best customers along with 85 expert agile practitioners from our coaching, product and technical account management teams. It was a swarm of agile expertise all gathered to share with each other for the sole purpose of getting smarter and building community. And you know what? It turned out great!” – Ryan Martens, CTO/Founder of Rally Software

Looking forward to the next one!

Oh, and you may be wondering why I’ve put up such a dumb-looking self-deprecating photo of myself. It’s because I’m fun. 🙂

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