Agile is about Focus

The Agile Warrior wrote a post on not worrying about what others are doing and focus on your core strengths, the rest will work itself out in time.

I completely agree. This reminds me of a time when a mentor of mine told me that I needed to focus solely on my strengths and build a business model for myself around them. If opportunities or other work-related things come up, filter them through your personal business model. If they don’t align with who you are, then don’t spend time on them.

This also makes sense for Agile:

Agile is about focusing on the core features and functionality that a business or Product Owner wants. It’s about focusing on the best value-add features first.

Your personal strengths will always be your strengths, anything else that you focus on will always be weaknesses. Even if you work on them to improve them, they will never increase past your core strength. They’ll always be mediocre weaknesses.

Taking these ideas to your team and having a conversation with your stakeholders or Product Owners may be a great way to help re-align your projects towards what is really valuable for your company.

Focus on your strengths!

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