Agile is a Cult – Follow the 5 Ways and Be Saved!

William Gill put together an all to funny example of how Agile is becoming like a cult:

You Are One of the Chosen:

You will read the bible, go to church and believe in God, or you will go to hell. Period.

The Founding Fathers are your gods. Respect them and prosper:

You will honour, awe and respect the agile founding fathers. The more often you can use this image in a presentation about agile the better.

You will respect the sacred parchment and laws:

The Agile Manifesto is the artifact that serves to both prove the validity and authenticity of our beliefs, and also lay down the ground rules for how your soul will be saved.

Our Strange Rituals are Rites in Which We Grow our Faith:

Secret handshakes, rituals, traditions, sacred artifacts: Standups, sprint reviews, sprint plannings, a 3-week lunar cycle…

You will read, follow, and respect the ultimate guide and rulebook:

The path to software salvation is in the handbooks on Agile.

Love it.

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