Agile in Lean Manufacturing and Value Stream Mapping – I’m Here

Living it Up In the Back of A Gigantic Plant

Welcome to my view. Seriously. I could not be more excited to work for this client. I’m getting to help lead a small development team better understand and deliver a new automation system for a manufacturing/shipping plant.

What excites me the most is that, as an engineer, this really gets my blood moving. I’m literally uber excited to be part of a manufacturing automation system at work. Rock on. I’m also excited about blogging about this experience. Not many Agile Coaches get to work outside of strict technology and software product development.

One of the first things I did was spend the day understanding our value stream. After interviews, process diagrams, and conversations with the team, I built out this nice old omnigraffle of a high level view of the value chain, from receiving to moving through the system. You’ll notice that we have 2 releases of our new automation system (small font).

We need to eliminate waste AND build a system that accounts for increases in cycle time. YES! Let the challenge begin.

“Walk within yellow lines…”

Now, if I can only find my yellow hardhat.

Here is a quick and dirty video on value stream mapping and the value. 5 minutes. You’re not working anyways. It’s after Christmas. 🙂

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